Regina lives in Kalumburu and is the daughter of Rosie Karadada, a prominent artist and artefact maker who is the sister-in-law of our most famous Wandjina artist, Lily Karadada. Regina’s father Louis, and his brother (Lily’s husband Jack), were renowned artefact makers also. The Karadada ‘clan’ are indeed a memorable dynasty of talented and influential Australians.

Regina paints the Rock Art which is abundant in her region on canvas and the highly sought after eucalyptus bark and is a clever artefact maker like her mother and father, her Uncle Jack and Aunt Lily. Well educated, Regina is highly involved with the very large Tourism venture at Truscott Air Base and is a wonderful ambassador for her people.

Reginas%20Parents image

Regina’s Parents – Rosie & Louis Karadada

regina%20and%20lily%20karadada image
Regina with her Aunt, International
Artist Lily Karadada