Peggy Patrick is one of the most famous women in the Kimberley as well as an exceptional artist who unfortunately does not have a great deal of time to paint of late.

She is the full sister to the late Timmy Timms (Kamaliny Palmentarri), head stockman for The Bow” and later highly respected chairperson of Bow River community via Turkey Creek

Highly acclaimed singer, dancer, owner of many corroborees and the teacher for the children of Warmun. It is well worth reading her life story depicted in two publications:

  • Pioneers of the Kimberley the Maggie Lilly Story” &
  • From Digging Sticks to Writing Sticks” 

Both tell of her life at Bow River Station and her contribution to the Warmun Community.

Please contact us if you are interested in these publications or Google the titles for current stockists.