Paddy Carlton (Left) with his Individual Elder Arts achievement award 2002

Paddy Carlton is a renowned Master for the Kununurra area. His legendary trademark” painting lightning man is known world-wide.

Along with Alan Griffiths, Paddy put Kununurra art on the map”.

Paddy was born on Legune Station in 1926, and worked, as many of the painters in this area, on stations throughout the Kimberley and Northern Territory, is a member of the
Mirriuwong tribe and his surname is a legacy of Carlton Hill Station.

He is a well respected elder of his Community and now resides at Mirrima in Kununurra with his extended family. Whenever we see Paddy, we are reminded of the old quote walk quietly and carry a big stick” – that’s what he does he’s very kind to his family and all he seems to have to do is point his ever-present walking stick to command immediate attention.

He recalls his elders teaching him cave painting, storytelling and the culture he passes on to the young ones. This is reflected in his art we have in the Gallery two magnificent paintings with the Caveman” theme, along with his cleverly dotted The Bat”, numerous pieces depicting crocodiles, turtles, fish.


paddy carlton and family image
Paddy Carlton and Family