Marika Mung is the youngest daughter of Beerbee Mungnari, a renowned Elder Ochre Artist who many years ago began painting with Rover Thomas, Jack Britten, Henry Wambini and Hector Jandany.  She was born in Derby 21/05/1987 and has always resided at Frog Hollow Community (Wurrerangingy) via Turkey Creek (Warmun).  Jack Britten was Chairperson of Frog Hollow, so from an early age Marika and her sisters Joanne and Denise (both artists) had the opportunity to observe and learn from Jack and the old men who joined him.  She favours the style of her father and presents extremely refined works with a distinct similar patterning to Beerbee’s.  She crushes and blends the raw bush ochre with finesse.

Being the youngest daughter of the last of the original Elder Male Ochre artists of the East Kimberley, Marika has a wonderful future and has already participated in Group Exhibitions with her contemporaries and the established artists of the Kimberley region.  She paints the country where her father worked as a stockman, and relates the stories he has told her with accuracy.

A well educated, softly spoken young lady with obvious ability and the desire to paint attributes essential for artistic success.

Selected Exhibitions

September 2006
•    Gadfly Gallery Perth  Betty Carrington and the Women from Texas Downs”  featuring Nancy Nodea, Katie Cox, Lorraine Daylight, Charlene Carrington, Bessie Daylight, Denise Mung, Joanne Mung, Marika Mung and Marika Patrick

March 2007
•    Chapman Gallery Canberra From the Ground Up: Ochre work from the Kimberley” featuring Beerbee Mungnari, Betty Carrington, Churchill Cann, Gordon Barney, Lorraine Daylight, Mabel Juli, Madigan Thomas, Marika Mung, Marika Patrick, Nancy Nodea, Phyllis Thomas, Shirley Purdie and Tommy Carroll