Marietta Bray has established herself as a significant artist with a distinctive style.  The content of her works focuses on her family’s traditional country of Purnululu (Bungle Bungles) and she presents both the iconography and the Dreamtime stories of this region with accuracy and passion, with an obvious determination to carry on the legacy of her Elders.  Her works are strong, neat with great attention to detail.

Marietta was encouraged to paint by her Uncle, the late Jack Britten who until he passed away in July 2002 was Traditional Custodian of Purnululu and a wonderful teacher of ochre technique. She is the daughter of the late Shirley Bray who was a Traditional Elder of this beautiful region of the East Kimberley of Western Australia, now listed as a World Heritage site.  Marietta’s mother was well educated, an interpreter and linguist, and has passed the stories and knowledge of her country to her daughter.  

Marietta favours the thick bush ochre medium, and paints the country of her heritage with particular attention to colour and form. She has participated in many group exhibitions with Senior Ochre Artists over the last ten years. Marietta paints both for the Warmun Art Centre and as an Independent Artist.

Selected Exhibitions

•    Greetings from Turkey Creek, Mary Place Gallery
•    Ten Warmun Works, Father John Therry School

•    Warmun Art Centre Presents, Mary Place Gallery

•    Across the Border, Raft Artspace, Darwin
•    New Work from Warmun, Gadfly Gallery, Perth
•    Snapshots from Turkey Creek, photography exhibition, Melbourne
•    Warmun Group Show, Framed Gallery, Darwin
•    Women from Warmun, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

•    Jack Britten & the Third Generation of Artists from Warmun, Span Galleries, Melbourne
•    The Next Generation – Balgo and Warmun, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
•    Big Country, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs
•    Tibet meets Warmun, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth

•    East Kimberley Show, Short Street Gallery, Broome

•    Garmerrun: All Our Country, Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide

•    Short on size, Short Street Gallery, Broome
•    Grammar School Art Exhibition, Perth

Selected Collections

•    FTB Group Collection, Sydney  
•    Laverty Collection, Sydney