Madelene Purdie was born Kununurra East Kimberley 1st February 1975.  She attended school at Turkey Creek (Warmun) and Broome.

Madelene is part of one of the most respected and artistically renowned families in the Kimberley.  Her mother (Shirley Purdie) and grandmother (Madigan Thomas) are both International Ochre Artists and highly regarded Law women of the Kitja community.

Madelene commenced painting with the Warmun Art Centre twelve years ago.  She has four children and her husband’s family live in a remote community, therefore she has participated only in Group Exhibitions so far in her career.  She has now returned to Turkey Creek (Warmun Community) where she has re-formed the Women’s Centre and is managing this very important cultural initiative. Madelene now paints as an Independent Artist.

She has been well taught the stories of her culture by her female relatives, and quite obviously has incredible natural ability.  A young artist sure to reach the pinnacle of success in the world of Australian Art.