John was born Doon Doon (East Kimberley area of Western Australia) in 1944 and has been a stockman all his life. His family is one of three of the traditional owners of Glen Hill Station.

John not only works on his Community, which is a viable cattle station, but until recently carried out contract mustering for many other stations as far south as the Jaru country around Ringer Soak, Balgo etc.

His painting ranges from Traditional Landscape to wonderful images of Turtles and Goannas all in ochre and with his excellent eye for colour.  He is also a clever wood carver and didgeridoo maker.

In 2004, John along with a group of artists from Glen Hill Community, participated in a very successful exhibition in Sydney.  They presented a body of works representative of the landscape of the East Kimberley in varied styles, from talented members of all three of the families residing at the Community.

In 2006, the Community members consolidated an innovative Tourism Project which includes Cross-Culture programmes on their land.