Greeny Purvis Petyarre is a tribal elder and ceremonial leader and resides at Boundary Bore with his wife Kathleen & 4 daughters, whon themsleves are very talented artists.  His cousins are the well known artists Gloria Tamerre Petyarre and Lindsay Bird, and his aunt is Emily Kame Kngwarreye (dcsd) one of our most famous Australian artists.   Greeny Purvis Petyarre was born around 1930 at Boundary Bore in the region of Utopia.  Greeny is an Eastern Anmatyerre speaker.  His father Allugra Jack, Lindsay Birds mother and Emily were all blood brothers and sister.
Greeny is a very spiritual painter with a very good understanding and love of his country.  His painting content includes Plum Dreaming, Yam Dreaming and Body Paint.  A serious of works titled An Enriched Country was painted by Greeny in collaboration with his Aunt Emily.  Greeny executed the iconography of the root systems of bush tucker, whilst Emily painted the wildflowers that bloom profusely after the rain.  It has been said that the dreaming stories around which Emily based some of her works actually belong to Greeny.  The stories were shared between the artists because they were indicative of the country of their birth. Greeny, being the oldest male from the region, owns these stories, but gave permission to Emily to paint them.  
Greeny Purvis Petyarre paintings are highly sort after by collectors and galleries throughout the world.  It is widely recognised that his paintings appear to reflect his unpretentious personality – quietly unassuming but with that feeling of endurance and respect.  Greeny still lives and  paints at Boundary Bore – a quietly spoken, happy family man.  In 1996 a large linear striped panel titled Plum Root Dreaming was purchased by The Art Gallery of South Australia where it can still be viewed today.


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