Evelyn Malgil was born in Halls Creek 01/10/1965. Her family’s country includes Alice Downs, Chinaman’s Gardens and Lansdowne Station. She has five children and resides at Warmun Community (Turkey Creek) in the East Kimberley. Evelyn began painting seriously in 2000 encouraged by the Chairperson of the Warmun Art Centre at the time, International Artist Mark Nodea. Her daughter Lucinda has followed in her footsteps and is an Emerging Artist with the Centre.

Evelyn says she really taught herself to paint, by participating with the ochre artists and watching and learning. Using natural earth pigments, she has a strong minimal style favoured by collectors and has already joined the Senior ochre artists in important Group Exhibitions at prestigious Galleries with great success. A mid-career artist worthy of investment.

Selected Group Exhibitions

• What Bird Is That?, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

• Waterhole 11, (with senior artists including Patrick Mung Mung and Mabel Juli) GrantPirrie Gallery in conjunction with RAFT Artspace, Sydney
• Warmun Women’s Show, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne
• Waterhole Country, Short Street Gallery, Broome
• Gija Country, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
• Gija Across The Board, Raft Artspace, Darwin