Eddie commenced painting when he was seven from a very early age, he used to watch his grandfathers, Fred, Gerry and Donald, and the other Elders who taught him to blend ochre, apply the paint, carve, and passed on to him the stories of the work they were doing. Other members of his clan (Barbil) taught him how to make flint spear heads, traditional hunting boomerangs and most importantly how to hunt, fish, find bush tucker and make bush medicine to survive.

Now a high profile contemporary artist, Eddie frequently works with children and young men, teaching them all his skills. He travels widely and is always willing to impart his knowledge. He has devoted many hours helping underprivileged children to learn what his Elders taught him.

Eddie is from Naiyalrindji country on the Roper River, 270 km south-east of Katherine in the Northern Territory. It is now called the Yugul Mangl Community. Many good painters have emerged from that community and are represented in most major Australian and overseas galleries. His family are renowned artists and carvers. He is a great didgeridoo maker and his fine large bird carvings (some standing two meters high) are breathtaking.

Eddie paints the mimi rock spirit figures of his country, always with an accompanying story/theme and very often incorporating totems, bush tucker, animals in X-Ray style, men’s hunting/fishing and corroboree themes. He is meticulous in method and fastidious in style.


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