Dorothy was born, bred and has always lived in the remote Community of Kalumburu in the far north-east of the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Like her contemporaries, Jack and Lily Karadada and fellow painter Kevin Waina – why leave? A beautiful community on the coast of the Mitchell Plateau area – abounding in fish, mud crabs and oysters – Paradise!

She has two sons and two daughters, and many grandchildren.

Dorothy’s family is one of the most renowned for both their depictions of the rock art of the Mitchell Plateau (Ignatia Djangahara’s works on eucalyptus bark consistently fetching extremely high prices at Major Auction) and for their work within the Community in both Cultural and Health/Welfare sectors.

Dorothy is pedantic about her culture and the subject matter of her paintings – Wandjina, Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) rock art and her mother’s country via Wyndham.

She depicts the magical Rock Art images in the flowing style as they appear in the caves and on the rock escarpments of her country.