Deanne Peters was born 14/05/1986 in Derby Western Australia. She grew up and schooled at Turkey Creek and then Darwin. She is of the Kitja skin and her bush name is Nangala.

After completing her education in Darwin, she returned to Turkey Creek (Warmun) and now spends her time between Turkey Creek and her husband’s community via Kununurra. She is the eldest daughter of June Peters, an established ochre artist.

Deanne is a promising young artist with a natural talent and enquiring mind. She has learnt the Dreaming Stories of her culture from her mother and her extended family. Like June, she is able to paint the wide expanse of Kitja land right through to the Northern Territory country of her grandfather and again like her mother, she is pedantic with her attention to detail and accuracy of content.

She is a fourth generation ochre artist, a well presented young lady whose career is certain to flourish.

Deanne is now painting seriously as a profession and has been quickly collected by astute buyers. Her works are eye-catching, well executed and her content wide. Sure to succeed in the world of traditional ochre art painting.