Colleen was born in Derby 16th October, 1968. She has five children, all girls, and at a very young age is the proud grandmother of three (2007).

She resided for some time at Warmun Community, Turkey Creek, assisting in the Aged Care Centre. There she learnt the technique of the Kitja artists, completing large works in ochre medium, favouring minimal imaging and steeped in Kitja traditional Dreaming Stories.

Colleen relocated to teach at the school at Glen Hill Community, south of Kununurra. She now lives in Kununurra and is involved still with the education of the young ones.

Her painting style has changed – executing landscapes of the Kitja country of her heritage, Colleen’s works now depict the land using minimal ochre palette, fine “3-D” imaging, outstanding use of black and white colouring.

She has participated successfully in many Group Exhibitions throughout Australia, and her works are much sought after by private and corporate collectors. Colleen can certainly be classified as one of the most exciting of the third generation Kitja artists.