April was born 11th April 1994, in an ambulance on the way from Warmun Community to Kununurra Hospital. She is the eldest daughter of Charlene Carrington and Wayne Nulgit.
April is the youngest artist from one of the most talented families of Ochre Painters in the East Kimberley. Her great-grandmother Betty Carrington commenced painting late in life but is an established artist; her Kangayi (grandmother) Sade Carrington is an International Artist; her mother Charlene Carrington is one of the most outstanding of the Third Generation ochre artists. Her grandfather Churchill Cann is known throughout the world and his paintings are included in the most important private and corporate collections. Her great-grandfather is Beerbee Mungnari, also of International standing and the last of the Elder Ochre Artists who painted with the likes of Jack Britten, Rover Thomas, Paddy Jampinji and George Mung Mung.
Churchill and the Carrington family are all from Texas Downs Station, to the East of Warmun Community, Turkey Creek. Texas Downs has produced an amazing number of famous Australian artists, and the family has passed the knowledge and Traditions of their country now to the Fourth Generation.

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April with her parents Wayne Nulgit & Charlene Carrington