Aboriginal Art Works – About the Aboriginal Paintings we are privileged to present


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Aboriginal Art Works

On our website, we are currently depicting over 1000 Aboriginal Art Works. However, in our Galleries, we have even more Aboriginal paintings (and many more in storage). We are endeavoring to list all of these for you to view. Unfortunately, time is a major problem! This is a “family” business, and we do not have a large family!!!

We offer Aboriginal Art works from budget price to Fine Art Collectables. The “budget priced” paintings are from well known Aboriginal Artists, who are only too willing to complete smaller works. The Artists are professionals, they realise Aboriginal Art must be affordable, desirable, diverse in style they present their Aboriginal Art to the World as the buyers require and never compromise on quality.
We also represent a number of private collectors whose precious works are available for sale, Therefore, should you have an enquiry about any Aboriginal Art works please contact us in all probability, we would either be able to offer you paintings we own, or advise you from where you could purchase. We believe that referrals on available Aboriginal Art are imperative for the industry and the welfare of the artists.

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Because our main Gallery and buying centre is in Kununurra, Western Australia, our website features a great deal of ochre Aboriginal Art compared to any other gallery you’ll see anywhere in the country. However, we are fortunate to have excellent arrangements with many Art dealers, Art centres and Indigenous Artists throughout Australia that enables us to present the finest art from not only the Kimberley, but from many of the major and minor Aboriginal Art regions throughout Australia.We have the “best of both worlds!” A diverse style of Aboriginal Art right where we live.
We are committed to promoting young Aboriginal Artists! In the future our on-line exhibitions will feature exciting up and coming Aboriginal Artists that will one day become the master painters of the Aboriginal Art World! This will give our customers the unique opportunity to see these artists as they emerge, grow and hone their many talents.